Our very own selection of Italian wines

ranging from whites, reds, rosé and bubbles.

Vini Bianchi

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo

A delicate wine, light and crisp with fruity notes.


Orvieto Amabile

Golden yellow colour, fresh and fragrant perfume on thenose. A gentle semi-sweet wine, soft and elegant in the mouth. A perfect match to seasoned cheese, or fish based appetizers and soup. Fantastic at the end of a meal or on its own.


Sauvignon Blanc

Gold coloured wine with a delicate aroma. Its dry flavour makes it a perfect accompaniment for grilled fish dishes.


Vermentino di Gallura

An elegant bouquet of floral sensations and slightly citrusy notes are complemented by a hint of tropical fruits..


Pinot Grigio

An elegant wine with a lot of character. A light straw yellow colour. Intense perfume particularly characteristic of the acacia flowers. Full flavoured, dry, with a citrus taste, a perfect accompaniment to seafood.


Greco di Tufo

Brilliant strong yellow colour. Full bodied scent, intense, characteristically fruity with distinct hints of roses and ripe peaches. The flavour presents a warmth and depth not normally found in lighter white wines balanced by a fresh citrus note. Dry, harmonic, persistent with a typical


Gavi di Gavi

A soft and harmonical wine with a noble aroma and a full, rich taste. Ripe peaches and pears, with hints of citrus and a slight honeyed edge, are held together by steely minerality and a fresh acidity.



Straw-yellow in color and an elegant floral bouquet of acacia and jasmine, spiced with hints of pear. Fresh and juicy in the mouth with lovely citrus flavours and a great structure. Excellent as an aperitive or to accompany seafood dishes.


Vini Rossi

Ortonese Sangiovese Merlot

The grapes yield fruitier and spicier wines, which demonstrate just how eclectic and diverse this wonderful variety really is.


Cassara Nero d’Avola

A wine coming from the strongest and most generous Sicilian vineyard, Nero d’avola. The colour is an intense red with a fruity scent complemented by delicate hints of vanilla, creating a full bodied and harmonic flavour.



Intense red colour with purple nuances. Ample flavour with a fruity red berry note, well balanced with hints of spices. Full bodied, round flavor with a level tannic structure.



The red ruby colour, the flowery scent, and the dry rounded flavour make this wine the ideal accompaniment for any red meat, game or hard cheese based dishes.



Wine obtained with primitive grapes which give it an intense colour and the perfume of ripe wild berries, plums and cherries. The rich flavour is delivered to the palate with a dry edge making this wine idea with light cooked roasts, game and hard cheese. Partially refined in wooden barrels


Valpolicella Classico

A blend of red grapes from the Valpolicella area with a unique personality, presenting a dry, harmonic flavour and a rich red colour, produced by the combination of mineral tones and ripe fruits, black olives and freshly ground pepper. A product of notable quality.


Chianti Classico

Round and spicy, elegant and well structured. A classic amongst Italian red wines.


Barbera d’Alba Superiore

This wine has an intense bouquet of red fruits and spices that give it a deep red colour. The aging process in French oak barrels gives it a light woody aroma, feeling warm and full bodied to the palate. Perfect with rich pasta dishes, meat and cheese.



Pinot Grigio Pink

A wine obtained by Pinot Grigio grapes from the Veneto region. With a vibrant colour verging towards coral. An elegant wine with an intense scent reminiscent of acacia flowers, full bodied with a slightly acidic edge, perfect alongside seafood dishes.



Cherry red colour with glint of coral, fresh winy and slightly fragrance. Elegant and juicy in the mouth with lovely acids and a whisper of tanning juicy and pure amarena cherry.


Prosecchi & Spumanti

Gran Cuvée Rosé

A sparkling wine with a fresh and vinous odour/perfume/ scent. It expresses a spirited flavor reminiscent of apples and apricots. It makes for a perfect aperitive or to accompany canapés, light starters and pasta.


Prosecco di Valdobbiadene

A sparkling wine produced by grapes harvested solely by hand in vineyards located in the hills of Valdobbiadene- Conegliano.


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