Our very own selection of Italian wines

Vini Bianchi

Trebbiano d’Abruzzo

A delicate wine, light and crisp with fruity notes.


Orvieto Amabile

A gentle semi-sweet wine, soft and elegant in the mouth. Golden yellow colour, fresh and fragrant perfume on the nose.


Sauvignon Blanc

Gold coloured wine with a delicate aroma. Its dry flavour makes it a perfect accompaniment for grilled fish dishes.


Vermentino di Gallura

An elegant bouquet of floral sensations and slightly citrusy notes are complemented by a hint of tropical fruits.


Pinot Grigio

A light straw yellow colour. Intense perfume of the acacia flowers. Full-flavoured, dry, with a citrus taste.


Greco di Tufo

Brilliant strong yellow colour. Intense, full-bodied, fruity with hints of roses and ripe peaches. Dry, harmonic, persistent with an almond aftertaste


Gavi di Gavi

A soft and harmonical wine with a noble aroma and a full, rich taste. Ripe peaches and pears, with hints of citrus and a slight honeyed edge, are held together by steely minerality and fresh acidity.



Straw-yellow in colour and an elegant floral bouquet of acacia and jasmine, spiced with hints of pear. Fresh and juicy in the mouth with lovely citrus flavours and a great structure.


Vini Rossi

Ortonese Sangiovese Merlot

The grapes yield fruitier and spicier wines, which demonstrate just how eclectic and diverse this wonderful variety really is.


Cassara Nero d’Avola

A full-bodied wine from Sicily. Intense red in colour with a fruity scent and delicate hints of vanilla for a truly harmonic flavour.



Intense red colour with purple nuances. Ample flavour with a fruity red berry note, well balanced with hints of spices. Full bodied, round flavor with a level tannic structure.



Red ruby colour, flowery scent, and a dry rounded flavour. Ideal with red meat, game or hard cheese-based dishes.



Produced from primitive grapes with an intense colour and scent of ripe wild berries, plums and cherries. Rich flavour with a dry edge. Partially refined in wooden barrels.


Valpolicella Classico

A blend of red grapes with a harmonic and dry flavour, combining mineral tones and hints of ripe fruits, black olives and freshly ground pepper.


Chianti Classico

Round and spicy elegant and well structured. A classic amongst Italian red wines.


Barbera d’Alba Superiore

An intense bouquet of red fruits and spices with a warm woody aroma, given by the ageing process in French oak barrels.



Pinot Grigio Pink

An elegant wine with an intense scent of acacia flowers, full-bodied with a slightly acidic edge.



Cherry red colour, elegant and juicy with lovely acids and a whisper of tanning juicy and pure amarena cherry.


Prosecchi & Spumanti

Gran Cuvée Rosé

Fresh and vinous scent with flavours of apples and apricots. Perfect for aperitives, canapés, light starters and pasta.


Prosecco di Valdobbiadene

A sparkling wine produced by grapes harvested solely by hand in vineyards located in the hills of Valdobbiadene- Conegliano.


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