It's a labour of love...


Wherever Italian folks may go, they always bring with them their love of food –  simple, delicious, fresh food!

And whenever they land on UK soil, you can rest assured that they always fall in love with a good pub…. This is because British Pubs are the equivalent of an Italian local Bar, where Italians may meet for a coffee, an aperitive or a glass of wine… where they meet old friends and make new ones, discuss politics, religion, the weather, who’s had a baby and who no longer is with us…

It should be no surprise then that we are eager to bring these two realities together – our love for our own cuisine and the good feel factor that you get when you walk into a cosy pub. Upgrade the lot with a touch of style and attention to detail and you have the basic ingredients of the Tavistock Italia Gastro Pub experience.

It is simply a labour of love… love of food, love of wine – and beer! – and love of great company!

We look forward to welcoming you in one of our ‘Italian’ Pubs!